Missing Persons Canada is an advocacy website that features missing person cases, blogs, and a podcast.

We understand and respect the privacy of families who do not wish to publicize their missing family member’s story. All stories we publish either include interviews with family members and investigators, or were approved to be published by family. This page was launched in 2020 and is owned and ran by Canadian journalist and missing persons advocate, Beca.

We will not attempt to create our own national database, as this allows room for error and discrepancy, which can put unnecessary stress on families and can compromise the integrity of investigations. Though an official database does not currently exist, we support and will advocate for an official database to be created by the government only.

We also advocate for a national missing persons framework, which can only be established through a multi-agency effort between stakeholders, families of missing persons, policy makers, scholars, government representatives, and law enforcement.

Rebbeca Marroquin, journalist

Hello, My name is Beca and I’m the writer of Missing Persons Canada. I launched this website to raise awareness for missing persons, a social issue that affects the safety, security, and families of Canadians. I am committed to telling stories accurately and respectfully, which is why I only feature missing person cases where the family has agreed to an interview. I am not a private investigator nor an expert on this issue. I am trying to uncover the systemic flaws that have made it unnecessarily difficult for families to find their loved ones. All the work I do is completely voluntary. Want to learn more about me? Click here.

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